Sunday, December 3


What a nightmare first thing on Sunday morning pouring down with rain ,pitch black and blowing a gale and having to pick up all the plants and stuff that had blown over during the night, before starting work. I wasn't looking forward to driving round all day in the high winds, but thought that things would be quiet, surely nobody would be daft enough to venture out in this storm. How wrong I was it turned into one of the busiest days for months, folk just weren't going to miss out on their weekend pilgrimage to the supermarkets. The roads were choc-a-bloc with cars all merrily dodging the falling debris which included roof tiles, wood, hoardings and even trees. One driver must have had a terrible shock when three storeys of scaffolding crashed down on his car, leading to the first road closure of the day. Later the whole of the main retail park was brought to a standstill with more road closures caused by the roof of the Tesco petrol station starting blow off.


Phin said...

We had a bit of a blow here in East Anglia but nothing like that - we went out for a windswept ride on our bikes and there's not much to stop the wind across the fens.

Bob said...

Being near the coast we do get stronger winds

Keith said...

In retrospect, funny how London made BIG news and you remain unreported eh ?