Saturday, December 2

NZ BlackCab

And this solves the mystery of the black cab which has been spotted driving around New Zealand. This is taken from an e-mail Kristina sent telling me about the cab she and her husband have imported for private use.

"I have included a couple of pictures of the cab he shipped over although he has since had the advertising taken off and the old girl spruced up a bit she's now nude lol....
He was never a taxi driver (he was a Tiler! ! ! ) but he owned a cab (same one) in the UK as he loved driving them to work as there was space in the front where passenger seat usually is for his tools and stuff and he could still keep back nice to use as family vehicle. It was quite amusing the amount of people that used to try to flag him down... Plus he got away with only one vehicle instead of two ! ! !
"He loves them although I must admit, in NZ you kinda feel like being in a goldfish bowl riding in the back. He is toying with the idea of hiring the taxi out now and again for wedding etc. but we'll see. Thing is anytime she breaks down, we send to UK for parts so unless you have a couple of vehicles one as a backup (although she rarely breaks down I must admit) I don't feel its too viable at the moment."

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