Friday, December 1


This morning I picked up a schoolteacher going to work at one of our local schools, and on the way there she asked to stop at a corner shop. A few minutes later she emerged carrying what she told me was her breakfast, this consisted of a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar. Well talk about double standards, our kids are constantly taught about healthy eating and the need to eat a balanced diet, perhaps that's what they mean by balanced a choccy bar in one hand and a bag of crisps in the other. I guess it's something some of our teachers may have in common with some of the health care professionals I pickup, a lot of these people are overweight and rank as some of the biggest drinkers and smokers in the town. I guess with these folk who should know better that it's a case of do as I say and not as I do.


Saint John Cabbie said...

I suppose it is the old adage do as i say and not as I do. Role models for our youth around the world are falling more and more into this and I hope the children of today don't grow up to be the hypocritical adults of today and yesteryear.

guess we'll see what happens when we park the cab for the last time and slug into an old folks home.

Bob said...

Cheers for the comment whats the name by the way? I have added your blog to my taxi links.

Phin said...

don't tar all teachers with the same brush - some eat jolly well and work their socks off to provide the kids with amazing opportunities and a great role model.

By the same token every time I walk past the local taxi rank the cabbies are mostly smoking, or eating crisps or chocolate.

Bob said...

Phin I've altered the wording slightly now, it did sound as if I was singling out certain profession's but no what I mean is that I just don't like hypocrisy. As for taxi drivers you're right a lot of them do lead a very unhealthy lifestyle and for a lot this leads to heart attacks strokes diabetes and an early grave.