Wednesday, November 29

Speed Zone

I am wondering if someone has made a mistake with the recently installed speed humps on Barrow's Fairfield Lane. Every other road or street that I can think of that has speed humps is in a speed reduction zone, these are clearly marked as you enter and leave them with the speed limit(usually 20mph) and telling you that it's a speed reduction area. Have they jumped the gun by installing speed humps without first advertising their intention of declaring Fairfield Lane a speed reduction area. And as there are no signs to tell us what the speed limit should be, can we if we damage our cars by driving at the normal 30 MPH send the repair bills to the council?

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Peter said...

I'm from Carlisle and there's a district called Harraby that's filled with speed bumps but the speed limit in the entire area is actually 30mph, everywhere else in the city it's 20 where there's speed bumps.. so maybe it's just some craziness that cumbria county council cooked up one night.