Monday, December 4


You couldn't drive down a street in Barrow today without falling over a TV crew, here to stand in the rain with the docks in the background interviewing folk. This was of course about Tony Blair's world's worst kept secret, his announcement that the Trident nuclear submarines were to be replaced Mr Blair said between £15bn and £20bn would be spent on new submarines to carry the Trident missiles. All good news for Barrow of course, no doubt they will be built here and this means job security for a lot's of years to come. I have noticed that even some of our long time local taxi drivers are being tempted back into the shipyard, some going back after an absence of ten or fifteen years. This is because of the lure of a regular pay check, which is not a thing you can count on in the taxi trade, one week it will be steak and the next sausage.


Rosie said...

I'm sorry you can't afford the best Cumberland sausage every week, Bob ;)

Anonymous said...

I can picture them all rubbing their hands- but, but, are the skills still there though ? I had this awful premonition that the work might go to a foreign yard - maybe France or the price-would-be-right China which seems to be the only place where there's a manufacturing base - anything could happen in Tony's mindless Brittania.

Bob said...

rosie- pity about being no more Cumberland though.

anon-some of the guys going back in the yard are in their 50s and 69s.