Thursday, November 9

Spare Tarmac

I see that Barrow has suffered another fresh rash of speed bumps, the new eruption has appeared on Fairfield Lane. Quite why they have chosen this road to dispose of more surplus tarmac, I don't know. This road is nearly always littered with badly parked cars, and so is only fit for one car at a time to pass. This was proven when the work was delayed quite a few times due to parked cars blocking access for the workmen. Strange when we get these speed humps in places like this and yet round the corner within a few hundred yards we have a school, with none of the roads leading to it's gate hindered by any speed bumps. Who decides where these thing's are to go, no doubt they are not from Barrow, maybe they would be better employed finding the many pothole's we have to dispose of the ton's of surplus black tar they seem to have.


Phin said...

are they full width ones or those nifty little square jobbies that ambulances can straddle? As a motorcyclist I like them as I can nip through on the flat bit in the middle of the road, or near the gutter. I generally try to keep to most 30 and 40 limits anyway, as I am a sensible rider. (I actually failed the IAM bike test for going too slowly).

Bob said...

They are the nasty big full size jobbys.