Tuesday, November 7

Hot Humour

Even whilst the last of the flames were being damped down by fire-fighters, jokes started to be told about the huge fire which destroyed Barrow's M.F.I furniture showroom and the adjoining Allied Carpet store. A bit cruel maybe but that's the way Barrow folk are, we seem to revel in black humour especially in the face of adversity. The first one told to me early Monday morning was "They are are having a sale at M.F.I. today lots of cheap black ash furniture" and "Allied Carpets are having a special on charcoal carpets". No doubt about it there will be more in circulation, and even in more tragic circumstances I have heard Barrow folk use humour as a way of dealing with things. In a crisis other folk will dig the insurance policy out but a true Barrovian will put the kettle on for a brew and sit down and try to see the funny side.


Phin said...

no doubt there will be smoked glass table tops to sell off now

Bob said...

I like that one cheers

Mark said...

have they got any discounts on barbeque furniture there?