Monday, November 6

Chinese Whispers

Over this weekend at least twenty different fares told me of the demise of one of Barrow's most well known characters "Russell the dog walker" as he is known. Some told of a sudden heart attack and some even went as far as telling me that he had been murdered. It seemed that by Sunday night that it was the talk of the town and everybody knew. Monday morning and I find myself driving down a country lane near the village of Gleaston. As I rounded a bend I was shocked to see what must surely have been a ghost! but then again ghosts aren't usually seen dragging two Jack Russell terriers and they don't give you the thumbs up when you pass. I was straight on the radio to the office, to tell them that I had spotted Russell alive and well, but no they said everyone says he's dead. "If he is then I've seen my first ghost" I replied. Later that day he was spotted in the town centre giving folk his usual greeting's of "now then me ol jack rabbit"and" ow yu doin ya old stag". Yes I can truly say that Russell is one of a kind and we're all glad that he's still alive and kicking.


Barnze said...

Ahh Russ Dog Walker,Wernt he in Star Wars?

TUFFENUF said...

Bloody hell! He looks alive in the photograph! Maybe your camera snaps ghosts, too!