Sunday, October 1

Unlucky Card

I got a call to pick up from one of our more expensive hotels this morning, when I got there it was a couple with no luggage. Well nothing unusual about that, but when they got in the car he gets in the front and her in the back, and whilst she was quite chatty he was a bit withdrawn. The girl who was a stunner, asked to be dropped off first, and then the guy was travelling on for another four miles. He was hard work at first, a bit morose but after a while he comes out with the story. He had been out with friends and somehow become separated from them and then feeling a bit lonely he ended up getting drunk and copping off with the lovely lady. "Great" I said" so you had a good night why the long face"? "Yes a great night he said beautiful hotel and champagne on ice". He was quiet for a moment and then holding his head in his hands he said "only problem is that like a fool I used a credit card". "Never mind you won't get the bill for a month or so" I said, thinking he was worried about the money," problem is it's a joint card with my wife and she gets the statements" he said.


Peggy said...

Gosh, I wonder where my sympathy is.

Anonymous said...

Well if he was going to risk his marriage it sounds like good reason.

However I'm going to save this story and when I'm feeling morose I'm going to get it out to put a smile back on my face !!!!