Monday, October 2

Hindpool Triangle

Whilst I was working today I was given a job which was about two hundred yards from me. I was on Barrows Hollywood Park and the job was at St Mary's church, great so off I set down the usual short cut which would take me straight to it, or so I thought. So off I drove up Clive St which I use about five or six times a day, half way down I was confronted by a line of trees right across the street. " Well they weren't there yesterday "I thought so never mind I will go up the next one McClintock St, but it was the same story there, more trees. And so I ended up going the half mile or so all the way round, I do wish they would tell us about these things before they do them. I picked up a fare from the area later and he told me that hundreds of cars had been lost in the Hindpool triangle that day with lots of swearing and near misses with frustrated drivers trying to reverse out again.

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