Tuesday, October 3

Lying in the Sun

This piece in the Sun a national boob and ballgame rag really takes the biscuit for creative reporting read this and then I'll tell you whats missing.
Kids dial up taxis for beer
" KIDS as young as 12 are ordering booze over the phone and having it delivered to their homes in a “dial a drink” craze. Alcohol is handed over by crooks working from mini-cabs and even ice cream vans when the kids’ parents are out. Youngsters tell drivers it is for their mum.
Last night the Government’s child health tsar warned the trend is putting the health of the nation’s teens in danger.
Dr Sheila Shribman told Nursing Standard magazine that youngsters must realise the dangers of binge drinking.
She said: “If this practice turns out to be widespread then it could be a very worrying trend."
“We need young people to understand there are dangers in binge drinking, which is on the rise.”

Yes you've guessed it no facts, no names, no places, and most alarmingly of all no truth.
Dr Shribman has been quoted out of context, here is the original text from her speech.

"Concerns have been raised that children as young as 12 could be buying alcohol over the phone with their takeaways.
Dr Sheila Shribman - the Government's National Clinical Director for Children, Young People and Maternity Services - said she had been told there was a particular problem in the North West.
She said: "Contacts have told me that it is possible in some parts of the country for young people to order alcohol on the phone with takeaways so the delivery doesn't arouse suspicion.
"If this practice turns out to be widespread then it could be a very worrying trend."

Notice that at no time does she mention cabs or ice cream vans, how they get away with this rubbish I don't know, the only use for papers like this is in the bathroom.

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