Saturday, September 30

Forgotten luck

I had a fare this morning and it took five attempts before we finally set off, it was "just a minute" and then going back into the house three times and then twice round the block and back to get yet more forgotten stuff. And yes if you hadn't already guessed the fare was female but fellas can be just as bad sometimes. Perhaps they haven't heard of the old superstition that if you forget something it's bad luck to go back for it, yes it seems a bit daft to me too, but here's a dafter one. I had picked a couple up going into town and on the way the guy was getting dropped off to collect his car. His car just happened to be parked on Greengate Bridge but when he went to get out of the car the lady insisted on us driving over the bridge first and dropping him further away. This was she told us because if you say goodbye on a bridge you will never see each other again.

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