Saturday, October 28


Well we dared to take the Spooky Tour of Barrow's darkened Gothic town hall and along with the thirty or so other thrill seekers we really enjoyed the experience. Barrow's eerily rambling town hall must surely be one of the best settings you could wish for this ghostly walk sprinkled with tongue in cheek dramatics by the excellant Crashbang productions . Only two children were spooked but they were quickly guided to the brightly lit banqueting hall. All the kids were given a generous goodie bag at the end of the tour and a certificate which poignantly had been presigned by the late Mayor Bill Crosthwaite who tragically died after collapsing at the rehearsals for the tour the previous night. But of course you always get one don't you, we overheard one moron saying he had expected more for his money, but as my ten year old daughter said "it's all for charity, what do they expect a theme park?".

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