Sunday, October 29

Monster Weekend

Sunday morning and the clocks went back last night and so it's a bit lighter, but of course we will be paying for that at the other end of the day. Whatever they do with the clocks they can't squeeze any more daylight out of a day at this time of year. When the clocks go forward I usually pick up a few fares who are an hour late for work as they have "forgotten to change their clocks" but strangely I have never picked anyone up going to work an hour early when the clocks go back. With lot's of clever marketing Halloween seems to be getting as big as Christmas over here now, at one time it was called mischief night or duck apple night and instead of pumpkins hollowed out turnips were used as lanterns. Pumpkins! now that is clever marketing we import boatloads of the things, but all we do is hollow them out and throw the contents out because nobody wants to eat it. And now instead of one night the celebrations are lasting for several days with the grown ups using this weekend as an excuse to party, this morning all I seemed to pick up were disheveled devils and vanquished vampires, all with monster hangovers.

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