Friday, October 27

Speed Nuts

I'm no great lover of speed cameras, not many drivers are, but looking at a website run by an outfit called Motorists Against Detection, I think maybe they go a bit too far. In a press release the spokesman who calls himself Captain Gatso said amongst other crazy things "MAD have announced zero tolerance on all UK speed cameras and claim the destruction of 1000 speed cameras, and say they have perfected a way of destroying a roadside camera in seconds. The site is full of photos of destroyed cameras and supposedly the private cars of policemen parked illegally. Seems to me they are a bunch of nutters, and so is anyone who is daft enough to pay £24.75p for a can of anti flash masking spray which they say will hide your numberplate from the cameras.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sight !!

Thank God there are people left who will not lie down in the face of this mindless war against the motorist by this socialist government. If I leave my car over time in a parking zone there is a 75% probability that I will get a fine. Yet my son and his mate can be attacked in the street and the police come to the door and effectively say they can do nothing. 0% probability of being caught. So easy to erect these damn things but so difficult to police the streets.

Thank God for British spunk.

Keith said...

Hmm, I'm in favour of a bit of civil disobedience such as putting bin bags over the cameras. After all, everybody knows these cameras are nothing to do with road safety and everything to do with making more money at the expense of the motorist.

lugosi said...

Of course, the alternative is to obey the speed laws, but who wants to do that?

Mark said...

the spray doesnt work does it.

i saw this tv programme once about how the police can still use computer graphics packages to decipher the numberplate.

still nice to see a picture of one of those monstrosities though!

MaFt said...

i never understand why everyone moans about speed camera's... if you're not breaking the law then you have nothing to worry about! surely we're all grown up enough to realise that if you get caught breaking the law then you have to ake your punishment?!


ps - and yes, i HAVE been done for speeding. i was mildy irritated but i knew i was breaking the law and took my punishment.