Friday, October 27

Don't Panic

It still never ceases to amaze me the silly things that stress people out and by how much. I have had folk really upset that they are going to miss the start of their favorite TV show or the first game of bingo by two minutes. With some of them if they don't actually ask me to go faster they fidget and tut or exhale loudly when we are stuck in traffic or at a red light. The one's that do ask me to "put your foot down" are ignored there's no way that I will risk my licence for something trivial like the woman today who said at 4:55 "can we take a short cut or something I always feed my cat at five o'clock". At the other end of the scale some people are totally unfazed by anything and just take the view that they or I can't get there any quicker and they might as well just relax and enjoy the ride. One such chap was the guy I picked up from his workplace, he had been called by his wife who told him that their two year old daughter had locked herself in the car, on the drive with the keys inside with her. He said "the wife's panicking but what can you do if we make too much fuss the daughter will just think it's a game and laugh at us or end up upset."What will you do then have you a spare key? I asked. "No I will just try to talk her into opening the doors and if the worse comes to the worst, I will break a window." Now that's what I call a real cool character lot's of folk myself included maybe would be in a right tizz.

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