Thursday, October 26

Pelican Crossing

Rumours are going round Barrow that a collection is being taken towards the purchase of at least two white pelicans. These they suggest would be allowed to roam free on Barrow Dalton Rd where we have an ample supply of pigeons to keep them well fed. Some folk find these dirty looking town dwellers annoying especially when they fly straight towards the face. This reminded me of something I witnessed a month or two back, a hawk taking a pigeon whilst it was in flight and dropping with it into a town centre back St. As I watched fascinated a small crowd gathered most just watched as the hawk dispatched it's victim but one old lady waded in with her umbrella in an attempt to save the pigeon, but most agreed that it was just nature and it should be allowed to take it's course. Myself I would say let's encourage more hawks I would much rather see them patrolling the town than the fast food fed disease carrying flying rats.

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Peggy said...

That bit of footage where the pelican eats a pigeon was on Sky news last night. It was quite unexpected and the poor kids looking on didn't know what to think. I say, "One less pigeon and a fatter pelican. Everyone wins."

I hope that you do get pelicans. They're great birds and are really graceful fliers.