Thursday, October 19

New London Cab

A new improved London style cab has arrived this week LTI Vehicles is launching their new purpose built TX4 range of London taxis. The new TX4 is so named as a tribute to LTIs first purpose built Hackney Carriage, the FX4, launched in 1959, and also the fact that the new vehicle has a Euro IV compliant 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine. The new TX4 range of taxis replace the TXII models introduced in 2002. The new TX4 is available with four levels of specification; Driver, Bronze, Silver and Gold with prices starting at £26,995 on the road. The £2,000 price increase over the outgoing models is due to the use of a Euro IV compliant engine, new transmissions, the adoption of ABS braking and the vastly enhanced equipment levels. Wow lot of money that! £27.000 and that's just the basic model.


Wil said...

What style of vehicle do you use Bob?

Bob said...

Wil I use a Skoda Octavia which is basicly a saloon or sedan

Miley smith said...

It's a lovely style of cab. I really like it.Thanks for sharing such a latest style of cab.

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Haleema Zaheer said...

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