Wednesday, October 18

4x4 Shock

Go on let's add a bit more fire to the 4x4 debate this is a still from CCTV footage outside a school in Essex, the driver failed to stop. Read the comments here but notice the defence for 4x4 vehicles seems to come from the owners of them.


Peggy said...

Kids can get hit with any type of car. I oppose them for city dwellers as they guzzle so much fuel. I hope the child is okay now and that they caught the (foul word deleted) who did that.

Mark said...

i'm sure its not the 4x4s but rather the types of drivers that they attract.

just like mercedes! excellent cars but why are all the drivers the way they are?

i'm sure this is grounds for an entire psychological study on people's personality types vs the car they own.

Anam Shahid said...

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