Thursday, October 19

Round & Round

Don't follow that car my fare said pointing to the car in front, I thought I had misheard and that I was getting my first "follow that car"job. But no I had heard right, the car in front, he told me was being driven by his girlfriends ex partner. "He's following me" he said, I looked at him and tried to figure out if he was sane and said "no look mate he's in front". You'll see he said turn left here and then first right, and so that's what I did, and lo and behold that's what the car in front did too. Turns out he was waiting for my signal (yes honest we taxi's use them sometimes) and then turning the same way. The fare then asked me to lose him as he didn't want to be confronted by him when he met his girlfriend. And so that's what I was doing going round Ramsden Sq roundabout three times with no signals, just in case anyone asks.

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