Friday, October 6


I had a spate of jobs from Barrows Furness General hospital today the first was a young slip of a lass going to maternity. I was quite surprised when she said she was due to give birth within a week or two, she didn't look that far on. It seems sometimes as if one minute they are playing with dolls and the next they have the real thing. As soon as I dropped her of my next pickup was in ten minutes from the same place. Right next to the maternity entrance is the accident and emergency entrance and as I waited I watched a male and a female prison warden with a young male prisoner handcuffed between them all having a crafty smoke. When my next fare come out it turned out to be parents with their premature baby, complete with oxygen cylinder and equipment to monitor the child's heartbeat and breathing. This all within ten minutes and a few yards, it makes me realise just how many dramas are played out in this small area of drab tarmac, some happy arrivals and some sad departures. Never mind your stupid reality TV shows this is real life and a place of everyday dramas.

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Joann said...

Yes, we do get to see real life. The good, the bad and the ugly.