Friday, October 6


It must be Murphy's Law to pour it down with rain just as the kids are coming out of school. This seems to have happened for the last two or three days now, and it really makes us taxis busy for an hour or so. Lot's of mums going to collect their offspring from school by taxi and on foot complain that some schools don't let the kids out on time, sometimes they are waiting up to twenty or even thirty minutes. I often see groups of parents standing outside schools looking like drowned rats, surely it's common courtesy to either let the kids out at the specified time, or to provide some sort of shelter for the poor folks. The other thing is of course that lots more people drive to school rather than wait in the rain, thereby adding to the congestion and pollution in the streets near to schools.

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Rhea said...

Rain must be such a boon to your profession, right? When I've tried to find a cab in New York City when it's raining, it's impossible!