Saturday, October 7

Moan Line

A lady today I picked up was complaining about one of our taxi drivers. But from what she said I think she had a point, apparently his mobile phone rang and he did the safe thing and pulled into the side to answer it. Only problem was this lady was in the back of his cab and the meter was clocking waiting time at 20 pence a minute. By the time they set off again it had cost her 60 or 80 pence for him to receive his phone call. The lady never said anything to him at the time, why I don't know if you have a complaint say so and don't do as this lady did, she just moaned about it to every driver that picked her up for the next few days. Lets face it guys a lot of us taxi drivers seem to have some sort of fixation with our mobile phones, some even being daft enough to drive round all day looking like lemons and wearing bluetooth earpieces. The need to answer the phone at all when driving with a fare on board escapes me, after all most calls are not that important, the wife asking when you are coming home for tea can usually wait until you are clear and parked.

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