Monday, September 18


I picked up a lady today who was going to work at one of our local bookies, and she was telling me that trade is down due to the craze for Internet gambling. Well it seems that they have come up with a new idea to bring in more eager mugs oops! sorry I meant punters.
The new craze which they hope is going to sweep the country's racetracks next year is "Twilight horse racing" which apparently needed to have the rules changed before it was allowed.
The picture that immediately sprang to my mind was that the horses would have bicycle lamps tied between their ears and a red lamp fixed to the tail( they could call them taillights eh) but what they mean by this is that the tracks will be floodlit for the evening.
I still think the bike lights would be more fun to watch.


wil said...

I still think the bike lights would be more fun to watch.

Flashing red strobes on the rear and bluish white strobes on the front. Just like bikers are equipped with. I think that would work.

Keith said...

I printed out your horse racing post and intend to show it to a friend who is a bookie. I think your idea of bike lamps has merit !