Tuesday, September 19


One of my fares today was just going back home after being missing from there for two days.
It was obvious by what he was telling me that he had been up to no good, nowt to do with me and I couldn't really care less, but the excuse and the length's he went to to pull the wool over his partner's eyes were unbelievably stupid and selfish.
He had actually been to the(emergency) casualty department of the hospital and feigned the symptoms of a pending heart attack he said he had chest pains, shivers,sweats etc.
This led to him being kept in over several hours and being given drugs and a battery of tests on his frankly worthless heart.
He gleefully showed me the marks from the ECG machine and the dressings from where blood had been taken for pointless tests, it was a struggle to disguise my disgust at this waste of space.
Let's hope his partner see's him for what he is and throws the useless piece of garbage back out on his useless butt.


Peggy said...

My Ex (deceased) was a horrible liar. It's awful being connected to someone who would just as soon tell a lie even if the truth would serve better.

Keith said...

People like that should be taken out and flogged for wasting the time of a service that's struggling tot reat those in genuine need.