Sunday, September 17

Joy of Text

I picked up quite a few fares who had used the new service and booked their cab by text today, and they all thought it was great. It goes without saying that they tend to be the younger ones who have their phones permanently in their hands and are talking and texting at the same time.
Me I can't even understand a text when I get one it's a foreign language to me.
A lot of people still haven't got used to the idea of the ring back service yet, this is were we press a button in the cab and it makes their phone ring twice to let them know we are outside.
I have heard of some drivers who use it as a form of amusement with some of our slower to cotton on passengers. What they do is wait till the fare is just about to walk out the door and then press ringback, of course they go back in to check the phone, nobody there and so off they set again only for this to be repeated time and time again. I believe the record is six times with each time the victim ringing back the callback number only to get no answer.
How cruel of course I wouldn't dream of doing such a rotten trick, mind you I could be tempted with some of the not too pleasant fares we get now and then.


Peggy said...

You guys are mean!

G.S. said...

Very funny!