Wednesday, September 6

Strange Names

My day of today, but no free time for me it was off down to Colne in Lancashire for a service on the car. I decided to take the eighty mile route down the back roads instead of the ninety seven mile route I usually take down the motorway's.
It's been a while since I have been down the old roads and I had forgotten about some of the strange and funny place names that you pass on that route.
Place's like Nook,Whoop Hall, Hutton Roof, Leck Beck, Dumb Toms Lane, Lawkland, Wham, Blacko, Little Middop.

But my favorites are Wigglesworth and Giggleswick, it always makes me smile for some reason when I see the sign for Giggleswick Girls High School.


Peggy said...

Those sound like names pulled right out of a Dickens story or any of the Harry Potter books. Its one of the things I love about living here. Great place names.

Bob said...

Yes I love some of the names if I drive round with the sat-nav on you see all sorts of weird names on screen just off the main roads

Anonymous said...

why do you go so far for a service?

Mad Cabbie said...

There should be a some kind of sports match between Wigglesworth Boys High and Giggleswick Girls High School!

Bob said...

ANON I go to Colne because they supplied the car and it's best to go back to the dealer for the servicess up to 80,ooo.

MAD CABBIE Yes and maybe you could do the commentery on it with local names like Akril,Ackroyd,Adcock,
Could be fun ehh!