Tuesday, September 5

Y, oh Y

I see one of the imported cabbie's from Eastern Europe I wrote about a week or two back has ran into a bit of trouble. The unlucky driver based in Plymouth picked two girls up who asked to be taken to the village of Lymington 18 miles from where they were. Unfortunately the poor guy who had never heard of the place tapped the wrong spelling into his sat-nav. He spelt it Limington which is a village in Somerset, 90 minutes and 85 miles later, he figured out by the less than happy sounds from his passengers that something was wrong.
As I always say you can't beat local knowledge, but I bet that at first he was smiling as his meter clocked up the pounds, unlike his poor customers.


Joann said...

Local knowledge is always the best, and a good map book.

Dogbait said...

Hey, Bob, gone over to the new Blogger! I don't know if you have the same problem but when I have the comment page open in it's own window, I can see half a window and you can't maximize it.

bob mullen said...

DB yes my comment box is the same the maximise btton is greyed out, maybe that's one they will fix.

Joann yes local knowledge wins every time.