Friday, September 8


It was early on a Sunday morning when I got a job to pickup in the Ormsgill area, as soon as I pulled up outside the young guy ran out of the house and into the cab. “Drive go go drive “he said waving his arms about franticly, “where too” I asked “just get me out of here for now he said. He looked really spooked and so I headed slowly, into town and left him to calm down for a while, and when he finally did he told me this tale. He had been out the previous night and had a good few drinks and towards the end of the night he felt that it was his lucky night as he was chatted up by a young attractive looking lass, well looking through the bottom of a beer glass she was anyway. She invited him back to her house and he jumped at the chance, early the next morning he was awoken early by someone moving about in the bedroom. Still groggy from the previous night’s booze he struggled to think were he was and who he was with, slowly it all come back to him and his eyes finally got used to the darkened room, and he made out the figure of a strange guy rummaging in the wardrobe and taking out clothes and shoes. Now he started to worry a bit and so he pretended to be asleep as the guy stood over the bed watching him for a while. When the guy left the room he shook the sleeping now not so pretty, or so young lady to wake her. “Who’s that your brother or something” he asked then the shock and panic set in when she replied “no its my husband” Trying not to panic he asked her if she was joking, but no she was deadly serious and so he then asked if the husband had gone “no he will be waiting for his breakfast, do you want some as well” she asked. " And so I had to get dressed and go downstairs and wait for this taxi” he said and all the while the husband was sat having his tea and toast looking strangely at him from across the table.
Of course I couldn’t resist making more of the situation by telling him that maybe the husband had been in the wardrobe all night with a video camera, and that he could be no 4 in the Dutch porn charts in a month or two.


Dogbait said...

I thought you were going to say he was with a tranny and felt things weren't quite right. So to speak!

Bob said...

I don't think he would have told me if it was that bad.