Monday, September 4


I wonder if our local cabby's have realised that when the smoking ban reaches England in the summer of 2007 that it will affect them.
A Taxi will "as it is in Scotland at present" be classed as a place of business and as such no smoking will be allowed either by customers or more importantly the driver.
This means no smoking even when they have no passengers on board, I know for a fact that a lot of local drivers are heavy smokers and they are going to find this a bit hard to swallow.
Maybe now's the time to start and try to give up before they are reduced to standing outside of their cabs for a smoke to avoid a heavy fine. Not too bad in the summer but not so nice in the wind and rain.
So come on guys either give up now or get yourself an umbrella and a raincoat ready.


TUFFENUF said...

That's a great ad on the back of the bus! When smoking was prohibited in police cars several years ago, the cops just rolled down the car windows and continued smoking. I guess if you're brave enough to risk lung cancer, a reprimand is no big deal!

Oberon said...

......i drove cab in san diego and santa barbara california for a couple of years.......the stories i could

Bob said...

tuffenuff bit more than a reprimand over here they intend hitting them were it hurts the pocket, big fines are promised.

oberron mmm had a look at the blog never kiss a chicken on the lips!