Saturday, September 2


It was mid morning and pouring down with rain when I pulled up outside the house on a quiet cul-de-sac, strangely lots of young guys were stood around in the front garden.
A bit wet for a barbecue I was thinking as I waited for my passenger, but they looked too quiet, something was wrong. At least six of them were talking nervously into mobile phones, feeling a bit uncomfortable and wondering what was going on I was glad when my fare come out and got into the cab.
The passenger was a girl who told me what was going on, apparently a big group of friends from the estate had been out the previous night and as happens they had spilt up during the night and all ended up in different places. The next morning one of the guys was found in a bad way at a friends house, no one could say how he got there and no one could say who found him and rang the ambulance. They thought he had been beaten, but then the doctors said he may have taken or been given some type of drug as well, and that it was vital that they know what this drug was.
And so the guys friends were on a desperate bid to find the truth of what had happened and maybe help save his life.
Let's hope somebody had the decency to come forward and do the decent thing and tell the truth about what went on that night.


Joann said...

I hope so too.

Peggy said...

Hey! Blogger-beta! What do you think of it? I like the caramel colour here.

Bob said...

Peggy I like the beta but someone said the caramel was hard to read hence the change what do u think?
Oh but the beta won't let me leave comments unless as anon Bob

Peggy said...

This new version is VERY easy to read. I hope the smoking cabbies can cope!