Friday, September 1

Buggy Puzzle

I picked up a lone guy today who looked as if he had been left holding the baby, he was pushing a buggy and looking harassed. He lifted the squealing baby out and climbed in the back with her, leaving me to put the child's buggy in the boot. I looked at the buggy and didn't have a clue how to fold it down to go into the boot, and so I asked him "Ive not got a clue" he said and since he had a handful of squirming child it was up to me to sort out.
Every one of these things seems to be different with all sorts of hidden catches and secret manoeuvres needed to fold them. After about ten minutes I was getting nowhere with this thing despite using some of my best swearwords all I managed to do was trap my fingers a few times. And so I decided to ask somebody for help, the most likely candidate's to me would be anybody pushing a buggy and so I asked four or five passing mothers, who just looked at the buggy and just shook their heads.
It looked like I was stuck until an old lass of maybe seventy walked up looked at the buggy and within seconds it was folded and ready to go in the boot. "How did you do that" I asked "experience I have had six kids and nineteen grand kids"she replied "wow thought she looked a bit tired".

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