Wednesday, August 30


Picked lots of noisy kids up this week, it's the week before the schools go back and so it's the last minute rush for school uniforms. One woman was totally oblivious to her three unruly brats in the back, she just seemed to go into a trance as her kids fought screamed , and then rolled both windows down and started to throw things out including the taxi firms business cards. Still she just stared ahead deaf and blind to the chaos in the rear. That was when I braked and pulled over and without saying a word got out rolled up the back windows and placed my new sign that I bought a while back from Lancaster Castle, onto the dash, then I just looked at them for a minute without saying a word. They looked at me and then at the sign and that was it not a peep out of them for the rest of the journey. Funny thing was the mother never said a word, but she gave me a good tip with the fare.


Peggy said...

Oooh! Good on ya! I like your style Bob.

lugosi said...

I need one of those signs.

Keith said...

Have you considered they were just too dumb to be able to read your sign ?