Tuesday, August 29

Pink Bloody Ladies

Just read a piece in the Evening Mail about the ladies only taxi service Pink Ladies, they are a franchise outfit whose nearest outfit is based in Carlisle. It seems they are looking for some mug to take on the franchise for Barrow, I use the word mug because that's exactly what anyone would be who took it on. This outfit is run as a club in an attempt to get round the licencing regulations,this means they can sidestep rules that ensure minicabs and cab firms are licensed and their cars are roadworthy. this is being challenged by genuine cab firms who are understandably incensed by the fact that we in the trade who are abiding by the law and paying for it dearly are facing unfair competition. What's to stop any cowboy outfit from calling themselves a taxi club to avoid police and medical checks on their drivers and the strict insurance and mechanical conditions on the cabs. Barrow Taxi Drivers Association spokesman Henry Fayyazi was quoted as saying "I don't think Barrow taxi drivers would object to Pink Ladies as long as they are subject to all the checks that taxi drivers have to go through". Well Henry, it appears that they aren't, so here's one that does object, and strongly at that.

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wil said...

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

A "taxi club" is still a "TAXI". Or at least it should come under the same rules as commercial vehicles used to transport people with physical difficulties.

They must require some sort of business license and rules specific for that type of business could be initiated.

Just some thoughts.