Sunday, August 27

John Simmit

Ere guvnor guess who I ad in the cab today? one of those Tellytubbies, no not La La or Tinkywinky nor Po, but the coolest one Dipsy! yeah, you know the green one with the top hat. Mind you I didn't know that when I picked John Simmit the guy who played the character up from the Abbey House Hotel and took him to the station. It turns out he was here to appear in his new and talented role as a stand-up comedian at the Jongleurs comedy club event at the Canteen Media and Arts Centre. What a nice guy I enjoyed a good yarn with him on the drive into town and he tells me he likes the area and hopes to visit again soon especially now he has been told about the Laurel and Hardy Museum in nearby Ulverston. So let's hope local folk support the canteen and go there in droves so we can see more of this talent heading in Barrows direction.


Peggy said...

How completely cool! I'm so envious. Dipsy is the one with all the good moves too!

bob said...

Only thing was that he was in plain clothes

Anonymous said...

john is the best, i call him the joker cos he is the greatest friend a person could have xxxx