Sunday, September 24


Sunday mornings I just love them, lot's of leftovers from Saturday this week in all sorts of states.
One of the first pickups was a guy who frantically waved me down practically jumping out in front of the cab. He had been stood at a bus stop and he looked really dishevelled, he asked to be taken to Dalton and on the way he told me his story.
Having not been out round the clubs and pubs of Barrow for a year or two he didn't realise that they now stayed open until five or six am in the morning "I just kept drinking and thought that they would throw me out at two am"he said.
Somehow he had ended up falling asleep in a bus shelter and had woken up to the ringing of his mobile phone, it was his wife who had been up all night trying to ring him.
By the sound of it she was not to happy with him and he was dwelling on the punishments that she would inflict on him. Wow would I not like to be in his shoes when he finally faced the music!


Peggy said...

What a dumbshit for not checking his watch. If indeed that was the truth.

Perhaps going home isn't the big draw that it once was.

Bob said...

That may well be but he sure was frightened