Sunday, September 24


When it rains people tend to try to park as close as possible to the supermarket doors, this leads to them frequently blocking the taxi pickup bays. This gets really annoying especially if like today free spaces are available three or four yards from the taxi bay. The daft thing is that it's usually the young and fit that tend to do it. Today was the usual story I had to double park to load up with a ladies shopping in the rain. I was parked alongside a black BMW whose driver had gone into our local Tescos. My passenger pointed at the car and when I looked closer I was amazed to see that it had been left with the engine running. But hey don't worry it was safe they had left two kids of about two and three playing in the front seats!

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Peggy said...

The reason you DIDN'T reach in, take the keys out of the BMW and throw them into the shrubbery was what exactly?