Saturday, September 23


Well it was a nice sunny Saturday afternoon and as usual our local population of boy & girl racers were out and about. Hey don't get me wrong I have nothing against them, and like a lot of people I admire all the work some of them must put into their cars. But after investing all that time and money it really does baffle me why they spend all day driving the one and a half mile route between the Strawberry Garage and the drive thru McDonald's. I mean it really isn't the dream mile is it? what with it's five sets of traffic lights , two roundabouts and two pedestrian crossings it really must get a bit boring. Today two young lads with girls in the back of two cars were attempting to race down Abbey Rd, what a waste of time! Lots of revs and noise but as the lights are only a few hundred yards apart they spent most of the time waiting at red lights and admiring themselves in the reflection of shop windows, even at one point being overtook by a laughing pensioner driving an electric buggy on the pavement. Come on folks get a life, there's a whole big world out there if you've got the car and some cash go and take a look at it. After all some of the best of it is only a few miles away right on our own doorstep.


Joann said...

I am glad that we don't have roundabouts. We do have those racers though.

Len said...

After the deaths of a number of racers, passengers, innocent motorists ( 1 RCMP officer included) and pedestrians, the authorities in Vancouver B.C. got serious. If they catch you racing, your car is seized on the spot. Last year they even deported a man after he killed a pedestrian in a streetrace. Well, they've got my vote. Race at the track!