Friday, September 22

Walney Airport

Here's a view of what I jokingly refer to when I drop off there as Walney International Airport.


Anonymous said...


In 1955, or was it 56, the queen was flying into Barrow and the corporation had to clean the runways. I was a "sweepers mate" that normally brushed the dirt from the pavements into the gutters. Trouble is there are no pavements on the runways so we had to spend the day sunbathing in the long grass.

What a hardship for a sixteen year old doing a vacation job! You picture takes me back.


bob mullen said...

I bet even in that time it has not changed much, good job it was summer tho,

Sam Anderson said...

Although it's just an airport picture for dropping off but there would be airport parking area as well to park vehicles out there.
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