Wednesday, September 13

A Sign?

Our local Canon left today for pastures new, but is their something he's not telling us? Has Canon Peter Mann had wind of a promotion ,or is the name on the removal van a sign from above? Whichever it was it made me laugh when I drove past them loading up at St Luke's Vicarage today.


Peggy said...

Redemtion with removals? I see these lorries on the M74 from time to time. I also make the connection with the clergy instead of a chess board.

Peggy said...

We drove past their depot in Longtown this morning on our way over to Sunderland (Sunderland vs Leicester 1-1). I wanted to stop the car and take a picture, but I'm sure the rest of my family would think I was bonkers, so I didn't.

Bob said...

They would if they saw some of my pictures, I take photos of bus shelters and posters for a firm down South now and again. hey they have work in Scotland if you know anybody interested.