Friday, September 15

Mr Popular

A pal of mine who's a dispatcher at another local taxi firm, which to save embarrassment I won't name tells me this story.
One of the drivers who hadn't been with them very long was getting married and so decided to put a note up on the board telling all the other drivers and asking for donations towards new laminate flooring for his living room in lieu of a wedding present.
Now it seems this driver wasn't exactly Mr popular with the other drivers as when he checked in the office after a few days nothing had been left for him. Six or seven more days passed and when he checked again a single shiny penny was taped to the notice.
And then a few days later even this insult was topped, by a two inch square of laminate flooring taped under the penny.
Oh well I guess it was a start, funnily enough he left that firm shortly after.


Keith said...

Great story, made me smirk.

Peggy said...

It's kind of sad when a wally doesn't realize he or she is a wally until something like this happens.

LW said...

A gift-grubber rightly put in his place.