Tuesday, September 12


The long-running battle by the Burberry clothing group to move away from it's "chav" image has forced a seaside mini taxi off the road.
Burberry, whose traditional check has been adopted by chavs on baseball caps, scarves and clothing patches, has threatened legal action against a Brighton firm running a fleet of tuk-tuks -motorised rickshaws as taxis because one is decked out in the company pattern.
The ''chavrolet" was one of a dozen vehicles painted in a variety of colour schemes and operated by TucTuc Ltd. It was taken off the road at the weekend after the firm received a legal letter from Burberry saying that the colour scheme represented an infringement of copyright.
TucTuc's executive director, said: "We are disappointed that the 'chavrolet' will have to go.
"It's a tongue-in-cheek design and people thought it was quite fun and entertaining. We're not ruling out another 'chavrolet' with a completely different design in the future."
Burberry declined to comment yesterday but the firm has been anxious for some time to rid itself of chavs' unwelcome affection for its tartan.

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