Monday, August 21

Itsy Bitsy

I don't mind spiders at all, they just don't bother me, but going by the reactions I have had in the back of the cab lately, they sure do bother some people. Apparently, I have had a spider as a non-paying passenger for the last week or so. I've never seen it but going by the screams and quick exits that some fares make it must be a scary one. Every time someone mentions it I check the car out and despite searching high and low all I have found are a few silky threads. They tell me it's small and red and very quick, it must be to survive my weekly assault with the hoover. But one thing its good for is keeping kids quiet in the back after the first scream most get to the furthest corner and just watch in silent horror. Think I might get some more and keep them in a matchbox just to threaten the kids with.

Oh, the photo is of one innocent insect  the daughter nearly scared to death by screaming when she found it in the bath.


Peggy said...

I don't mind spider either, but I will freak out ever so slightly if they are ON me when I notice them. Because i don't mind them, I am the official family bathtub spider remover. (all you need is a length of toilet paper and out the window they go)

TUFFENUF said...

That one looks like a wolf spider, I think it will bite! AHHHHH!

lugosi said...

You owe me a new monitor. I smashed the old one with a baseball bat when I saw that picture of the spider.