Sunday, August 20

White Light

For a while now I have felt that staggered traffic lights aren't a good idea. Daily I see drivers taking a chance and going through just after the light has turned red, mainly because of the sheer frustration of the time taken for the lights to go through it's phases for each junction in turn. Barrows White house lights are one off the worst offenders and today for the third time this week the point was proven again. I was following a car up Abbey Rd and the lights were red but the car went straight on without even slowing down. What the problem seems to be is that they see the traffic coming towards them down Abbey Rd and they assume wrongly that as in normal junctions that the lights must be green, and so they don't even look at the lights especially if they are from out of town and don't know that we have such crazy junctions here. How long before we have a serious accident here or at one of our other staggered junctions.


lugosi said...

It's dangerous to run red lights, especially along Abbey Road. You might run down one of the Beatles!

Well, one of the two that are still left, anyway.

bob said...

well spotted with the Abbey Rd and the beatles I drive it every day and never thought about that.