Wednesday, August 23

Gretna Green

I had a bit of business up in Carlisle today but didn't have too much time for a good look round, so that's on the cards for one of my days off. But I did take the opportunity to make a quick raid over the Scottish border to the world famous "old smithy marriage room" The reason Scotland was chosen by runaways was for the difference in its laws surrounding marriage. Firstly, the marriageable age in Scotland was 16 as opposed to 21 in England. Secondly, in Scotland, a couple only had to declare their intentions to be husband and wife for their word to be law. So young lovers, sure in heart, were drawn north like bees to the honey pot. And of course, because of its proximity to the border, Gretna became the stopping point of choice for those wanting to get wed in a hurry.


wil said...

Is it still 21 in England?

That does seem a bit archaic.

bob said...

No Wil it's 18 now I think and 16 if they have consent.

Peggy said...

You should have said you were going to be near by - we could have had a mini-blog meet.