Friday, August 25


The following is an edited version of a piece posted by kind permission of Wil a fellow taxi driver from Maui Hawaii.

"ICE "
If it hasn't already arrived in your neck of the woods, it'll be coming soon.
"Ice" is the street name for smokable crystal meth. It originated about five years ago in Hawaii and is very easily produced by processing some over-the-counter" cold/sinus/allergy medicines. About three years ago it began appearing on the "west coast" of the US, and showed up on the "east coast" shortly after that. It is slowly but surely working its way into America's "heartland". The transformation of to the over-counter" cold/sinus/allergy medicines into "ICE" is very cheap and simple and does not require volatile chemicals, such as "crack" (smokable cocaine) does.The drug is not really physically addicting (like heroin) but its harm comes from the psychological addiction. It stimulates the pleasure centres of the brain and releases massive amounts of endorphins.
Street value is very inexpensive but the "high" only last a few moments. To get that "rush" again, you have to have another "hit", and then another, and another, into a never ending downwards spiral. And it then doesn’t take long to go through their savings and any cash they can lay hands on. Eating becomes rare since the addict would rather have another "hit" than spend money on food, either for themselves or their families. It doesn't take long before they've lost their jobs, their possessions and their housing. The hunger for gratification is constant. Let’s face it; the body just loves that wonderful rush of endorphins. It makes all your troubles just disappear. Once the addict has reached the point where they have nothing of value to sell then they only have two choices left “crime or prostitution”. Personal pride is gone by then and besides, just another "hit" will stifle any guilt that they have left. Emaciation and physical neglect are the late stages until the body just withers and dies.I know that that it is just starting appearing in London. The rest of the UK and Europe will see it very, very soon.The police, everywhere, have understated how pervasive this drug is in their communities. Politicians are ignoring it and few newspapers are doing the necessary follow-up to inform the public.
“So I guess all I can say is "Take Heed."


wil said...

One tiny correction.

"crack" is smokable cocaine.

Smokable heroin is usually of the black tar variety and is sometimes, incorrectly, called "opium". Smoking heroin is the latest youth rage in California.

bob said...

Cheers Wil I have sorted that

lugosi said...

I think pretty much all stores have now taken those particular cold medicines off the shelves. Now you need to show ID and are limited to one package at a time. Virginia was considering a law that buyers would have to actually register their purchase at the pharmacy counter, but it didn't pass.

bob said...

It's not gone that far over here yet most of this stuff is still freely available over the counter