Saturday, July 1

Whats Changed

It's been seven years since my last visit to Florida, so let's take a look at what I think has changed in that time. For a start,far less smokers which is a good thing, and alcohol seems to come with a compulsive health warning on the bottle, but I have noticed they are doing this voluntarily on some brands in the UK. Quite a bit less obesity and a lot more lower fat foods on offer. We were having a meal at the Kennedy Space Centre when the boy of six or seven at the next table looked wistfully at another table and said "remember when we used to eat hamburgers mum" then continued picking at his salad. But it's the same as in the UK when you go into the poorer areas the smoking and obesity are still there; I guess fat; sugar and baccy are cheaper than the healthy option. I see they have started to charge for parking in the theme parks now $10 what a cheek, but the motorist has no other choice, talk about a captive market. Cars are definitely getting smaller and lighter and a lot like the so -called Pontiac I was driving seem to be far eastern imports with a US badge stuck on. One big difference was the much tighter security everywhere with bag searches and photos and fingerprints taken at the airport. They had so-called fingerprint scanning at the theme parks with lots sophisticated looking gadgets but when we swapped passes it still let us in so I would suspect that this may just be bluff The main language isn’t English anymore Spanish is rapidly catching up if not taking over in a lot of places with signs in both and more Spanish heard than English.

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