Friday, June 30

Fathers Day

I was surprised to see how much fuss was made for Fathers day (which falls on the same day as in the UK) over in the states. Television and radio bombarded us with advertisements one even for a ride on coolbox . I even saw huge Fathers day cakes on sale in the huge Wal-Mart stores we visited. Restaurants had special offers on and it was mentioned constantly on by TV anchormen even during the news briefs. It never really took off in the UK I don’t think I have ever picked anyone up going out for a meal or drink for Fathers day which is in complete contrast to Mothers day which is one of our busiest days of the year.


TUFFENUF said...

Do you have any big retail stores like the Walmart in the U.K.?

bob said...

Yes Walmart own our Asda group of stores but ours are not as big but they are more widespread