Saturday, July 1

What's not changed

I was surprised to see that sheets and blankets are still in widespread use, for years now we seem to have gone over completely to the continental quilt or duvet as we call them. I’m a bit puzzled by this especially in hotels just think of the labour and cost savings that they bring. What with no chip and pin with credit cards security seems to be very poor I was asked to sign even when I was totally blind, that could only have been a scribble and when the wife handed my card over in the pharmacy no one questioned why her name started with Mr on the card. Also, I found myself waiting for doors to open all the time we have got used to automatic sliding doors on nearly every public building in the UK but not so in Florida, I wonder why


wil said...

7 years. That pre/post 9-11.

What differences have you noticed about security, in the US and UK?

What absurdities did you encounter?

bob said...

Cheers Wil I had forgoten about that as the post was destined for the local paper I have edited "Whats Changed" to include that. Thanks and happy holidays