Sunday, July 2

We Lost

There seemed to be a mist in the air this morning which smelt very much like barbecued England flags and shirts, then most of my early morning fares insisted on telling me why England lost last night's game. This gets a bit boring after a while so I amused myself counting the pools of broken glass and snapped saplings, which marked the route home of last nights broken hearted soccer fans. Come on guys its only a game.


wil said...

Bob, maybe you can make it real simple for me.

As you are aware, there is very little coverage of the World Cup in US news. I tried to google the latest info but am confused by an overwhelming amount of detail and score cards that tell me a lot of nothing.

Your prediction?

So what countries are left in competition for the Cup?

bob said...

Sorry Wil I'm no expert but it's Germany v Italy tonight then Portugal v France tomorow then the final my money is on Germany